Friday, 23 December 2011

Ohai thurr,

I'm Ffion. This is my first post as a serious blogger. I have another blog, but that's just mainly things that make me laugh, i.e, stupid things.
 I'm currently 16, 17 in February and I live in South Wales, UK. I'm awkward and I'm a ditherer, hence the blog name. I'm untidy and I like to read a lot, I have many, many books in my possession. I'm a guitarist and I can plonk along on the piano. That's just a nice way of putting that I'm a terrible pianist. I love to draw and paint, it relaxes me so much I can go a whole day without food or drink. Worrying, I know.
So why am I starting a blog? Well, like I said to start off, I have Tumblr but I don't really put anything of interest on there. I want to be a journalist and I know that by getting a 'serious' blog will extend my writing skills. So, voilĂ , I set up this page.
So this is my boring and uninspiring first post, but I can guarantee you that it will get better than this. Although, I wouldn't place your bets on it.