Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A rather uneventful day, history and Welsh lessons and an Oxbridge talk. Not fun. 
I've just completed an 18-page time line on International Relations between 1878-1918. My brain is numb and I'm not even finished. All this weekend is work work work work work ready for my exams next week. I want to cry. But, alas, I cannot as that would be sure to smudge some sort of work that I need to revise from.
   Which leads me to the point that surely - as a seventeen-year-old girl being educated in one of the best schools in South Wales - I should have the intelligence to organise myself and prioritise my work? Surely, you'd think, at some point I'd realise that my future lies within the grades that I get next week and that I'd get myself into gear and do something about it? The answer's no. I much prefer to watch Family Guy and Britain Unzipped whilst eating ice-cream and browsing Facebook on my iPhone. Seeing what kinds of hairstyles suit me and painting my nails is far more appealing that learning subjunctive triggers for Spanish. What about short form future tenses for Welsh?, I hear you ask. God no. I'd much rather search for that blouse that I found the other week and hope that they've put it into the sale. 
   So what I think I'm trying to say is that I lack motivation. I lack the self-control to stop myself from clicking on the Google Chrome button on the bottom of my desktop and absent-mindedly typing 'Facebook' into the search engine. I mean, who knows what I might miss?! Like the photos that my friend Shauna's just posted of us from three years ago, or that five of my friends have just checked into Showcase Cinema to see American Pie Reunion (thanks for the invite, guys). Surely that has some relation to The Congress of Berlin in 1878? Maybe I'm clutching at straws here...
Do any of you have the same procrastination problems? Any of you have any 'cures' as such? Please let me know, I don't really fancy doing resit exams next year!!

Ffion xxx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ombré Hair

So, as you can see, I haven't really been an active blogger...In fact I don't really one post last year even classifies as even being a 'blogger'! However, as I'm meant to be revising for my AS exams next week, I thought it'd be fitting to start blogging now, being the procrastinator that I am.
   So, last Saturday I joined in with the trend of ombré hair, and, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I am a newcomer when it comes to dying hair, so you may think that I'd have gone to a hairdresser to ensure I got it right. However, I do not have that money, and so I enlisted the help of my non-hairdresser friend, Heidi. She'd previously ombré/dip-dyed her hair, so I reckoned she'd be okay at it! She was great, albeit a bit panicky, but that's Heidi and I fully expected that. 

And here's the result we got! I couldn't go too bright, due to still being in school and being Head Girl, I've got to set an example! But I'm hoping to brighten it up come the summer time, maybe add a different colour like pink or blue.
   I used L'Oreal Perfect Blonde Highlighting Kit, 20 minutes on the ends of my hair and then a further 20 minutes a section higher up, making the total dying-time 40 minutes.
   I really recommend anyone to dip-dye their hair, it's an incredible way of 're-vamping' your hair when you don't want to go too drastic!

Ffion xxx