Sunday, 12 August 2012

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

Well, well, well, look who hasn't blogged in over a month!! I apologise, but I've been busy with school, holidays and work. So where shall I start?
     I have finished Year 12 in school. I now have one year left before I'm off to university. Scary stuff. My AS level results are out on Thursday 16th August so guess who's going to be a bag of nerves then? Yep, me!
     I've just come back from an incredible fortnight in Saint Lucia with my parents. That island is absolutely beautiful, everything about it! The people are so kind, the landscape is incredible and the weather is gorgeous. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to go there, but I just wish I could go back there!

(excuse me knees)

But now I have another excuse to be happy happy happy as my friend Sabrina is coming from Ipswich to Rhondda for 5 days...WOO! This lovely lady has just come home from Zambia and now that she's moved to  the other side of Britain I miss her dearly. Except now I have her all to myself for this week, yeahhhhh!
     Other irrelevant stuff in my life at the moment include that I have a cut on my shin that refuses to stop bleeding, I'm meant to be tidying my room right now and I'm about to go and eat some cheesecake.